X Games 16 Diesel Drive

Fans, Friends and Rally Lovers Unite; Become Part of the X Games.

Become part of a rally team and the glory of the X Games as we all help send the underdog grassroots rally car driver Travis Hanson to the X Games in Los Angeles July 29th- Aug. 1st.  Hanson is looking toward his grassroots following to help pave the way from Bethel, Maine to Los Angeles, California.

T. Hanson Motorsports is accepting $4, $9, $20, and $40 donations on our web-site (http://hansonrally.weebly.com/).  Funds will be used to help purchase diesel and other expenses that are involved with traveling across the country to compete at the X Games. This is a good way to help show your support for true American grassroots racing and send one of your own to race in the biggest rally racing event in the United States. All donators will receive public recognition as well as “team membership” packets from Travis. Donators of $40 or more will receive our T. Hanson Motorsports t-shirts, provided by M 22, which will be on display at the X Games.

Only twelve drivers in the world get invited to compete at the X Games and Travis Hanson has proved to be one of the best with his invitation. Travis runs the team out of Michigan with his father/co-driver Terry and they compete with a white 2007 Subaru WRX STi, not far removed from the same one that can be bought off the sales-lot. Because of lack of big sponsor support, as of this current date, Travis is actually going into the X Games with his car prepared for the Super Production class in which he usually races. This means that Travis will be down at least 200hp or more on his competitors. This doesn’t mean Travis won’t be competitive though—only that every victory will be that much sweeter. Hanson is a rally instructor at Team O’Neil Rally School in New Hampshire and we are all certain that he will be able to take down the much more powerful competition in this David vs. Goliath battle.

Nearly every dime the team has spent has come from their own pockets. They are truly a "peoples" team because they prove that anyone with enough heart and ambition can come out and transform themselves from fans into world class competitors. The Hanson’s actually got into rally in 2005 after spectating at their “home” Sno*Drift Rally in Atlanta, MI. Hanson has proved that with enough heart and ambition anyone can come out and compete with the super stars of action sports in the X Games.

People are already talking about Hanson and the upcoming X Games. “The biggest upset in X Games rally car racing history came at X Games 14 when Travis beat PWRC favorite Niall McShea [From England] in their preliminary match up. I expect nothing less from Travis at X Games 16,” said J.B. Niday, Rally America’s Managing Director.

"My team and I have worked really hard to get to this point. We have more work ahead of us, but I know we can succeed," said Hanson. Hanson has performed brilliantly this season and looks towards heading to the X Games at the end of the month. X Games 16, where he will try to bring the gold home to his native Michigan.  

Hanson was also selected as an alternate athlete for Super Rally, a version of rally racing that involves multiple cars racing door to door on dirt in adrenalin fueled matches. This means that if one athlete is unable to participate, Hanson will be looking at two shots for gold.

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$4 Donation
Your $4 donation will help send Travis Hanson and team to X Games 16 in Los Angeles California July 29th-August 1st. 
$9 Donation
Your $9 donation will help send Travis Hanson and team to X Games 16 in Los Angeles California July 29th-August 1st. 
$20 Donation
Your $20 donation will help send Travis Hanson and team to X Games 16 in Los Angeles California July 29th-August 1st.
$40 Package - Gets a t-shirt & your name on the side of the car!
This $40 package will help send Travis Hanson and team to X Games 16 in Los Angeles California July 29th-August 1st. Your $40 dollars will reward you with a T. Hanson Motorsports t-shirt and your name on the side of the car. Please be sure to include t-shirt size and proper spelling of your name in the merchant comments section of your purchase. If purchasing multiple packages please include the other party's name(s) as well. Due to time, any purchases made after the team is on the road and within eight hours of Indianapolis will not be eligible to receive their name on the side of the car.

If you wish to make donations/t-shirt purchases please send a check or cash along with t-shirt size to: 

T. Hanson Motorsports
6A Hager Lane
Littleton, NH 03561
United States