About Us

Travis Hanson is a rally car driver who competes in the Rally America national rally series across the United States. Travis is a vehicle dynamics engineer and an instructor with the Team O’Neil Rally School in New Hampshire. Hanson is from Traverse City, MI, but he and team call both Michigan and New Hampshire home as they split a lot of time between the two cities.

Hanson is currently on his way to the X Games in Los Angeles to compete with the best rally drivers at the invitation only event. He was one of only twelve drivers selected to participate in the Rally Car Racing event. He is also an alternate to participate in the Super Rally event.

Hanson’s team is seriously as grassroots as one could be. Travis runs the team with his father/co-driver Terry and they compete with a white 2007 Subaru WRX STi, not far removed from the same one that can be bought off the sales-lot. Nearly every dime the team has spent has come from their own pockets. They are truly a "peoples" team because they prove that anyone with enough heart and ambition can come out and transform themselves from spectators into competitors and do this. Travis has proved anyone can come out and compete with the super stars of action sports in the X Games.